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Single semilux room, with a double bed


Single Room
12 000 - 15 000 tg. per day

Room Description

Capacity: up to 3 guests

Semilux rooms are divided into single and double ones. Single semilux room hasa bedroom with a single bed, hanger for clothes, wardrobe, refrigerator, telephone and TV with cable TV and bathroom. There is a table with a desktop lamp for work. The bathroomin lux suite and in semilux room includes a toilet and bath or toilet and shower. Here you find all subjects of hygiene, which can be necessary for you: a soap, shampoo, 3 towels (for a body, legs and hands), toilet paper, and air freshener. You will find a business card of “Semey” Hotel complex containing of the guidebook and price list of offered services, and also all necessary telephone numbers for you (for example, information office) on the table. There is an own local mini telephone stationin the hotel, the number of the internal connection which can be necessary for you are also specified in a business card. Besides, you may make a long-distance call and even international call directly from your room. The tariffs for calls you also will find in a business card.

The description room: there is a cable ТV, refrigerator, bathroom, telephone, double bed, air conditioner.

Additional service included in the cost of roomis: breakfast, dinner, wi-fi