City visitors,
welcome to "Semey" hotel complex!

Conference hall

“Semey” Hotel complex is a successful choice for realization of various meetings. It is possible to organize meetings training seminars and exhibitionsat the conference halls of the hotel. We offer you offices for the meetings for several seats, and conference halls of hotel intended for the large audience. Rent of a conference hall is the best decision for realization of business meeting.

All rooms have the modern and functional equipment. We shall give the projective screenin your order, projector, business board and a computer. You can alsouse the channel of wireless Internet accessfree-of-charge. The hotel location is right in the downtown of Semey and it is very important. You can booka conference hall at “Semey” Hotel complex for free and the price is the lowest! The applications under the clearing settlement are accepted as well.  

The rent of the large conference hall - (up to 100 men) per 1 hour is 3000 tenge

                         A small conference hall - (up to 30 men) / 1 per hour is 2000 tenge

In case of a projector using therent cost per one hour is increased on 500 tenge.

Let's plan a successful meeting together!



Sport is a lifestyle of the modern man. If you search for a gymmembership or a gym for one time only or you are in the other city and cannot be engaged in your regular gym, “Semey” Hotel complex offers you the best service!

“Semey” Hotel complex has all necessary exercise machines to help you to keep fit. You do all the exercises in quiet conditions. For guests it is not necessary to leave the hotel and to search for the gym outside and the citizens of Semeycan get the membership as well!

Hall for Yoga workshop

Yoga isgetting very popular nowadays. And if you are engaged in yoga you need its classes. Being in a business trip in another city it is difficultly to continue the classes because it is necessary to search for a hall and to reach a certain place... But having stopped at “Semey” Hotel complex you relieve yourselves of these difficulties, because yoga hall at the hotel is always at your service!

The citizens of Semey can use the yoga hall as well: the hall works for everybody and offers the membership on visiting.

The comfortable hall with quiet illumination and pleasant interior will help you to relax, to concentrate and to reach the pacification, and the precautionary hotelpersonnel will make everything not to disturb you.


You may enjoy thereal Finnish saunaon the first floor. There, in silence,  yougetnthe opportunity to improve your health and just to spend  a good time. Sauna is one of the most ancient and most effective ways for the waste removal, fat burning, strengthening and general organism clearing.

However it is extremely important to observe all traditions of this uneasy procedure, otherwise you cannot getthe expected effect from sauna visiting. First, it is recommended to fill a firebox with ecologically pureraw material, after a complete body warming up it is necessary to cool down in a cold water to refresh the organism,the to have a good meal and, certainly, to have a rest.

All these rules are well known for the employees of the hotel. That is why the firebox here is used on the fire wood so the useful elements of decaying wood have rendered salutary influence on your organism. If you decideto add heat, in addition to thefireboxyou may use the electrical furnace.

Besides, after the steam room, you may swim in a cool water pool, relax, cool down the body and cheer up. A small waterfall located in the corner of the pool will make you enjoy the wonderful sound of falling water, and lights in the depth of the water create the atmosphere of mystery and calmness. The pool is supplied with the system of self-clearing, so water is always clean there.

If you prefer more extreme cooling, here you can plunge into a barrel with the ice water. After passage of these procedures, it will be necessary to restore the lost forces, and here the first class chiefs from “Semey” Hotel complex restaurant help you in it, as the structure of the given complex includes a dining-room as well where you can order meals directly from the restaurant.